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Insurance Leads - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our insurance lead program.

Is there a contract?

We do have a service agreement with our agents, but there is not a contract term that you are tied to. You can begin working with Insurance Level and terminate your agreement at any time.

Does it cost anything to get started?

Not at this time.

What if I get a bad lead?

We understand that there will be a certain number of bogus requests or invalid leads. We have a reasonable credit policy to make it simple for you to obtain a credit for leads that meet the criteria of an invalid lead. View our insurance lead credit policy to learn what constitutes an invalid lead with Insurance Level.

How do I request a credit?

Credit requests can be made using the automated form in your InsuranceLevel back office.

How do I pay?

We offer a couple of payment methods for our insurance agent partners and insurance company partners. In nearly all cases, we require credit card payment for an agent account. There are cases where we will work with your insurance carrier on a bulk-billing basis. This is generally used with captive agent companies who offer an advertising expense allowance. Contact us if you are unsure if your company is currently working directly with us. We will work with you to establish your new account.

How many agents do you allow to quote on a lead?

We will allow the lead to go to up to 4 agents or insurance companies.

Will I be competing against other direct writers from my same company?

You will not be quoting against agents from the same captive company. We will protect territory in the event that you are a captive agent with a company such as Allstate, State Farm, MetLife, etc.

Where do you get your leads?

Our leads are generated from search engine placement, online marketing, and advertising. We do NOT offer incentives to consumers in order to generate a quote request and do not tolerate that from our affiliate partners.

How can I select my geographic territory?

We break territory down to the zip code level. When you select your territory, you can elect to choose individual zip codes, area codes, cites, counties, states, or a radius around a particular location. We are very flexible when it comes to territory selection and we are happy to handle the process for you.

Do you have an agent referral program?

We do offer an agent referral program. When an agent finds something that is working, they often like to share. We encourage you to let your colleagues know about InsuranceLevel.com and will credit your lead account $50 when you refer an agent. There is a simple referral form in your administration section, or... just call!

Can I suspend my account or put in vacation mode?

You are able to suspend your account or place your territory in vacation mode. We make this process simple and you will have access to the function 24/7/365.

Can I limit the leads I receive on a daily or monthly basis?

You can put a limit on the number of leads that you receive for a particular period. The current cap is on a monthly basis and we will have weekly and daily lead caps in place shortly.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account with the cancellation request form located in your agent administration and lead control panel. We are also available to process your request via telephone; however, you must speak directly to a representative to ensure this action takes place immediately.