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Seechange Health

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SeeChange Health

201 Mission St Ste 1310
San Francisco, CA 94104
Toll Free: (888)214-5480

SeeChange Health provides health plans and administrative services to employers, insurers and third party administrators (TPA's)

Parent Company: SeeChangeHealth
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This company has an overall rating of: 1.00 (1.00 out of 10)

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Review of SeeChange Health by Thomas H. on October 30, 2013
(1 out of 10)
If you need help, they will turn their back on you. It is a for profit company working with hedge funds. I have thousands of dollars in pending medical charges for cancer care. The medical director has never practiced medicine and has only been a doctor for about one year. They will send your claims to CIGNA for review and they will deny them. Even a cancer patient will get their claims reviewed by an OBY/GYN. Seechange only offers an "illusion" of health coverage. They also will hire an outside company, "Hines & Associates." A real nice nurse will call you, befriend you and then find every way possible to take advantage of you. Complaints to the company and management will just be ignored. You are truly on your own if you get ill.

Review of SeeChange Health by Satyendra D. on March 18, 2013
(1 out of 10)
Do not use this company, our broker signed us up through this company without fully disclosing details of this company t us - all doctor offices say that they have never heard of this company - company's billng is completely messed up, do not give them yur bank account number for automatic billing, they seem to withdraw funds at random times without any notification

if i had to do it again, I would avoid this at all costs, medical is a mess as it is w/o involving these kind of players

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