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Coast National Insurance Co

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Coast National Insurance Co

6067 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33024
Phone: (800)338-2560
Year Founded: 1973

Coast National Insurance sells auto insurance mainly in California.

Coast National Insurance is a subsidiary of The Foremost Insurance Group. Foremost Insurance is a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, which is a part of the Zurich Financial Group.

Description from the company (Bristol West): Since 1973, Bristol West Holdings, Inc. has provided quality automobile insurance coverage to our customers.

Parent Company: Bristol West
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This company has an overall rating of: 1.17 (1.17 out of 10)

6 total reviews

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Review of Coast National Insurance Co by Jay J. on March 11, 2020
(1 out of 10)
One of the worst companies I have had to deal with. They do not return phone calls. Also I spoke to a supervisor who went on to tell me that shortly is defined by them as in within 24 hrs. Never heard of such a thing before. Shortly in just that! They are trying to get out of this the CHEAPEST way possible. I will fight them every step of the way/ If that means having to take their client to small claims to recoup money that I have spent I shall do so. Hope you never have to deal with this inept company!

Review of Coast National Insurance Co by Amy S. on January 10, 2020
(1 out of 10)
So far this has been an awful experience! Extreme lack of communication. They don't even send an adjuster, they use pictures to determine what needs repaired! (which clearly doesn't show any mechanical issues). They've paid less than a 1/3 of what it will take to fix my car so far . Why exactly do I pay for full coverage? The two people that took an act of God to speak to were on the verge of rude and acted put out by having to speak with me. I will tell as many people possible to NOT use this company., It has been the worst experience I have EVER had with any insurance company. I will be promptly changing carriers and have already advised my local broker to STOP referring people to them. If they don't have adequate workers in this area then they have no business taking the policy in the first place.

Review of Coast National Insurance Co by Ashleigh R. on January 21, 2017
(1 out of 10)
I filed a claim against this company due to one of their insured rear-ending me. Over a month later, my car is still not fixed and there has been a HUGE LACK OF COMMUNICATION. I filed a complaint with MS Insurance Commissioner. I hope nobody gets hit by one of their insured and have to deal with this company.

Review of Coast National Insurance Co by Carlton on August 16, 2016
(1 out of 10)
I am thinking about turning this company in to the Or. AG they are nearly commiting fraud with every claim. Their adjustor is in Flordia I was hit in Oregon, The office is in FL, but my handler is in Tx. They want me to call them on non-toll free lines, while they hem and haw on the phone at my further expense. Oh yes they seem to have a practice to make calls at the end of their work day.

Review of Coast National Insurance Co by Calisa V. on June 09, 2015
(1 out of 10)
Be careful when it come to settling the value of your vehicle, this company has bad reputation in paying what the vehicle is worth.

Review of Coast National Insurance Co by Salvador V. on February 17, 2013
(2 out of 10)
Salinas ca. when i decided not to continue my coverage with this company i did not renew my 6 months. because of increase of premium with no valid explanations. They went and charge me with $39.00 for not continuin with them so be aware.

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