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Mike Bailey Reviews & Ratings

This agent has an overall rating of 10.00 (10.00 out of 10)
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Agency Description:

Mike Bailey is listed with the title of Manager and has a profile that has been viewed more than 318 times.

The business is listed as having 16-59 employees with revenue in the 1 to 2.5 milli range .

  • Agent: Mike Bailey
  • Address: 7307 WILLIAMSON RD
  • ROANOKE, VA 24019-4200
  • Phone: (540)366-8829
  • Fax: (540)366-6737
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Reviews of Mike Bailey - Insurance Agent

Review from Christophe J. on February 13, 2021
10 (10 out of 10)
Michael was very kind to me. He gave me many books on Christian Psychology so I can learn more about my field. He went to see the Orioles Frederick Keys play a local club the Red Sox farm club in Salem, an A ball team in the Carolina League. A good man.