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It seems that it can be easier to reach out to an insurance company with a concern via Twitter as opposed to the call center on the end of their customer service 800 line. With a dedicated effort to manage their social reputation, responses from the online social profiles can often be fast and effective.

We have compiled the list below of insurance companies using Twitter (these are insurance carriers, not agents or brokers). The list below links directly to the insurance company profile on Twitter.

Insurance Level maintains a list of insurance companies on Facebook

If you are an insurance carrier who is looking to be listed in our insurance company directory, please submit the following "add my company" form. We will confirm that your company doesn't yet exist and include acceptable companies in our directory.

Our twitter list of companies was last updated 11/13/2013

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We have received a number of requests for the following Twitter handles, but have not had success locating yet. If you know of any of the handles below, please let us know. You can always reach us via Twitter!

  • MetLife on Twitter. The MetLife blimp is on Twitter, along with the MetLife PR department (listed above), but not MetLife. They even go to the trouble to include a twitter account for MetLife Central "The gateway to fun, giveaways & prizes at the new meadowlands stadium". A little odd from MetLife. How about a MetLife Insurance account?.
  • AAA Insurance on Twitter. We haven't been able to confirm an AAA Insurance handle on twitter, but this looks like it might be the start of the national AAA presence. You can find your local AAA region on twitter by heading to the AAA site and clicking the twitter icon in the footer.

If you are an insurance company that would like to update your profile with, please contact us. We would be happy to include your information along with further profile information on our insurance company detail page.

If you are an insurance agent or broker looking to update an individual listing, or agent profile page, please claim your agency profile and update your information via the forms in your administration section.