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This agent has an overall rating of 1.00 (1.00 out of 10)
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Agency Description:

Paul Brewer is listed with the title of Owner and has a profile that has been viewed more than 803 times.

The business is listed as having 1-15 employees with revenue in the 500k to 1 mill range .

  • Agent: Paul Brewer
  • Address: 5206 W MARKET ST
  • GREENSBORO, NC 27409
  • Phone: (336)265-2578
  • Website:
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Agent Updates

  • Nov 22, 2022 at 12:55 PM: Agent review.

Reviews of Paul Brewer - Insurance Agent

Review from Fred P. on December 09, 2022
1 (1 out of 10)
Would give a minus number but that isn't an option! Got their information from Dave Ramsey website and contacted for health insurance. Agent on phone telling me $20 office vist $40 specialist visit etc etc. BUT would not send anything over in writing without completing a full application and giving them the first monthly payment??? SORRY but I can get in writing detailed policy information that I can verify for myself without making a payment from everyone else in the industry but your company? Shady Scam MoFO's DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! Sharing with the Ramsey Team so you can be removed as a preferred provider.