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Insurance Discounts due to Lifestyle

We classify insurance discounts in four (4) distinct categories. There are certain rating factors that you can influence, and others that you cannot.

  1. Discounts you can receive right now
  2. Discounts that will come with time
  3. Discounts that will come when making your next purchase
  4. Discounts due to Situation / Employment / Lifestyle

Insurance Discounts Due to Situation / Employment / Lifestyle

  • Mileage
    • Mileage to and From
      The mileage that you drive to and from your job has an impact on your insurance rate. In theory, the closer you are to your place of employment, the less likely you are to experience an accident. If your job changes and you are now driving 1 mile each way to and from work, be sure that your insurance company knows and is rating you in that class.
    • Annual Mileage
      That same concept applies to your total annual mileage. The fewer miles you drive, the less likely you are to experience an accident. If your annual mileage falls below an average amount (about 12,000 miles per year) ask your insurance company if that will qualify you for a lower rate class.
  • Higher rate due to business Use
    One factor that can force your premium up would be a job that requires you to use your car on the road. A good example of that would be a pharmaceutical representative. As a pharmaceutical rep, you will be on the road a good amount and will likely be rated in a much higher class. This rating is often referred to as "business" use. If you move from a job where your car is rated "business" use, be sure your company is aware of that change. The difference in premium can be significant.
  • Retirement
    Most companies will offer a discount when you drive less. In some cases, there can be a discount due to a retired status and also a discount when a vehicle is no longer being taken to and from a place of employment. If you are retired, call your insurance agent and be sure you are rated as such.
  • Affinity Discounts
    As mentioned above, some companies will offer a discount if you are in a particular occupation such as a firefighter, educator, or police officer.