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Check Your Driving Record

Insurance companies use your driving record as a determining factor in your insurance policy premium. Knowing what is on your record and if there are any mistakes or discrepancies is worth your time to get a copy of such record. Your local DMV or their website should have directions on how to obtain a copy. You could ask your insurance agent or check a few different websites for this service.

Once you have a copy, check the record for any errors. If you have had any violations, check the dates when they occurred, when such violations will be removed and also the total points against your record.

Knowing this information and when violations/points come off your record and correcting the information will increase your chances of lowering your insurance costs. An improved driver risk rating will get you cheaper insurance.

Each state will have its own method for checking your motor vehicle record. Some will allow you to do so online. You can reach your state's DMV website using the following list: State DMV listings

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