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Safest Vehicles to Drive - 2010

The following list of vehicles make up the safest, or most 'crashworthy' vehicles in 2010. This list was compiled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute. The Institute rates vehicles 'good', 'acceptable', 'marginal', or 'poor' based upon performance in high-speed crash tests (front and side crash tests are conducted). They also evaluluate based on a rollover test and make evaluations of the vehicle restraint systems to determine the level of protection agains neck injuries during a rear impact collision.

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To earn a top safety pick, the vehicles much have good ratings and all 4 areas of evaluation.

  1. Front and side crash tests
  2. Rollover test
  3. Seat and head restraints
  4. Protection against neck injuries in rear impacts

In addition, the highest rated vehicles must offer electronic stability control.

Typically, a vehicle with a high safety rating will have a lower insurance rate. The severity of injury, and potential payout based upon injuries sustained in an accident, will be lower. The lower chance of major injury, combined with the reduced likelyhood of an injury due to a minor accident allows insurance carriers to place a lower rate on these vehicles.

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Top Safety Picks 2010